Bluestem Collection

For several years while in his teens and early twenties, Don lived on the plains of central Nebraska. Today this land is a sea of corn and other crops, thanks in large part to modern irrigation. Not too far to the north and west, however, there remain remnants of the prairie grasses that once dominated the region. Among the varieties is the bluestem that lends its name to this collection. The inlay of the frame is comprised of a bundle of straight pieces of wood recalling the bunched grasses of the prairie. The clean lines, intersecting and overlapping at the corners, emphasize the lines of the frame and add emphasis to the display inside.

This frame will enhance the display of family portraits, special photographs and landscapes. The simple elegance also works well  for diplomas and other documents intended to be displayed.
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10x12 Bluestem Frame
10x12 Frame. Includes Shipping and Handling ..
Ex Tax: $114.00
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11x14 Bluestem Frame
11x14 Frame. Includes Shipping and Handling ..
Ex Tax: $124.00
24x24 Bluestem Mirror
24x24 Mirror.  Includes Shipping and Handling ..
Ex Tax: $149.00
Culinary Cutting Boards
8" x 10" Frame.  if you have a certificate  use the contact form to order or c..
Ex Tax: $90.00